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Digital Media
Wire Presents...
The Impact of Technology on Music Business Today

March 3, 2003  |  9:00AM - 7:00PM  |  New York City
The Association of the Bar of the City of New York
42 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036


Chris Gorog
, CEO, Roxio
Lyor Cohen, Chairman & CEO, Island Def Jam
Steve Rennie
, REN Management (Manager of Incubus)

The Legendary Les Paul
, Musician & Inventor



            9:00am – 9:30am Registration

            9:30am – 10:00am 1st Keynote Address:
            Chris Gorog, CEO, Roxio - “The Time for Online Music is Now”

10:00am – 11:00am 1st Session:
Topic:  Survivors in the Music-Tech Industry
The last two years have been tough for everyone, from upstarts to music industry conglomerates. Hear from the survivors to understand what it takes to build a business in the music-tech industry.

Paul Sherman, Founder & Editor, Potomac Tech Wire

Bob Roback
, General Manager, Music, Yahoo! Inc.
Sean Ryan, CEO,
David Del Beccaro, CEO, Music Choice
Donald Katz, Chairman & CEO,
John Jeffrey, EVP & General Counsel, Live365
Scott Kauffman, Chairman & CEO, FullAudio

11:15am – 12:15pm 2nd Session:
Topic:  The Digital Copyright Debate

The digital copyright debate is being fought in the courts and in         

Congress. Which arguments are succeeding? Which bills are likely 

to be approved? Can lawsuits and legislation prevent unauthorized 

copying and distribution of music. How does consumer behavior 

impact the debate? Hear from lawyers and executives on the frontline.

            Ned Sherman
, Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Media Wire

Phil Corwin, Partner, Butera & Andrews (Kazaa counsel)
            Jesse Feder, Policy Planning Advisor, U.S. Copyright Office
            Mitch Glazier, SVP, Gov't Relations & Legislative Counsel, RIAA

Matt Kleinschmit, Director, TEMPO Program, Ipsos-Reid

Jonathan Potter, Executive Director, Digital Media Association  

            LUNCH BREAK (12:15PM – 1:00PM)

            Breakout Sessions (1:00PM – 1:45PM)

Topic:  Digital Licenses

            Whitney Broussard, Partner, Selverne, Mandelbaum & Mintz

Chris Amenita, SVP, ASCAP
Richard Conlon
, VP, Business Development, BMI
Vincent Peppe
, Legal Counsel, Licensing, SESAC

Topic: The Future of Webcasting
Dan Rayburn, Editor, Streaming Media, Inc.
Bill Rose, VP/ General Manager, Arbitron Webcast Services
Andrew Rasiej, CEO, Digital Club Network
Kurt Kurthanson, Publisher, RAIN (Radio & Internet Newsletter) 

          2:00pm –2:30pm
2nd Keynote Address:             
          Steve Rennie
, REN Management (Artist Manager of Incubus)

          2:30pm – 3:30pm
3rd Session

Topic:  How Artists & Labels Are Using New Technologies

Major artists are signing on with a new breed of artist-centric indie labels. Hear from principals to discover what rules have changed, what's stayed the same and how technology helps them sing a new tune.

Josh Warner, Founder, Like Media
Michael Hausman, Co-Founder, United Musicians
Howie Kleinberg, VP, Marketing, Electric Artists
Trey Bowles, VP, Strategic Development, StreamCast Networks
Alex Luke, VP, Music Programming, Pressplay
Mark Ghuneim, SVP, Emerging Technologies, Columbia Records
Michelle Robertson
, President, DMusic

           3:30pm – 4:00pm 
3rd Keynote Address:
           Lyor Cohen, Chairman & CEO, Island Def Jam

            4:00pm – 5:00pm Final Session

Topic:  Mobile Music: The Coming Wireless Revolution
            The market for mobile music is huge but what busy signals face this 

industry? Who are new players, business models, issues? How will 

revenue be shared between telcos, tech companies & rights holders? 

Hear from people who will make sure your call gets through.

Joe Laszlo, Senior Analyst, Jupiter Medi
Bryan Biniak
, EVP, Moviso
Kevin Kiernan
, Head of New Media, Astralwerks/EMI
Tim Nilson
, VP, Mobile Technology, Sony Music
Maureen S. Dorney, Partner, Gray Cary
Nicholas Lehman, VP, Interactive Business Development, MTV/VH1
David Brudnicki, Sr. Director, Mobile Multimedia,Cingular Wireless

    6:00– 7:00pm Cocktail Reception @ Iridium Jazz Club-1650 Broadway     Featuring 
There will be an on-stage interview conducted by journalist/writer, Frank Beacham, with Les Paul on how technology changed the industry when he invented the electric guitar with parallels to what is happening with 
technology and the music industry today. 

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Please send email with press credentials to by February 15, 2003


Digital Media Wire Presents...
is a division of Digital Media Wire, Inc.

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Past Event Speakers Include: 

John Gage - Chief Researcher & Director of the Science Office, Sun Microsystems
John Perry Barlow, Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Marc Schiller, CEO, Electric Artists
Jim Griffin,
CEO, Cherry Lane Digital
Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights, U.S. Copyright Office
Ted Cohen
, VP, New Media, EMI Music
Richard Conlon
, VP, Marketing and Business Development Media Licensing, BMI
Tony Conrad, Partner,
Venture Strategy Partners, and Director, FullAudio
Stacey Herron,
Analyst, Jupiter Media
Jeff Liebenson, Partner, Entertainment & Media,
KMZ Rosenman

Sean Ryan, President & CEO,
John Coletta,
Director, Operations & Business Affairs, New Media Licensing, BMI
Philip Corwin
, Partner,
Butera & Andrews (counsel to Kazaa)
David Leibowitz
, Partner, CH Boston, Co-Founder & Director,
Mitch Glazier
SVP Government, Relations & Legislative Counsel, RIAA
Ebrahim Keshavarz - EVP, Sales & Marketing, Digital World Services (Bertelsmann)
Fritz Attaway,
EVP & Washington General Counsel,

Russell Frackman, Attorney & Lead Counsel for RIAA (Napster Litigation)
Jonathan Potter, Executive Director
, Digital Media Association
Jenny Toomey,
Executive Director
, Future of Music Coalition
Scott Dinsdale, EVP, Digital Strategy, MPAA
Robin Gross, Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Jonathan Potter, Executive Director, Digital Media Association
Lee Shubert, Partner, Entertainment & Media, KMZ Rosenman
Noah Stone, Executive Director, Recording Artists Coalition
Michael Bracy, Director, Government Relations, Coalition for the Future of Music
David Brudnicki - Senior Director, Mobile Multimedia Services,
Cingular Wireless
Anders Evju -
Vice President & General Manager, Digital Bridges
Jon Vlassopulos, Senior Director, Digital World Services (Bertelsmann)
Gary Gintsling - Senior Product Manager, Java Group, Sun Microsystems
Fabrice Grinda
- Founder & CEO, Zingy

Nicholas Lehman - Vice President, MTV
McAdory Lipscomb Jr. -
Marketing & Communications Lead, Accenture
Alan Friel, Attorney, Entertainment & Media, KMZ Rosenman
Raviv Pablo - Senior Director, Products & Marketing, Emblaze Systems
Patrick M. Walsh
- VP, Wireless Data Business Development, iBiquity Digital

Tim Armstrong
, VP Sales, Google
Bruce Carlisle, CEO,
SF Interactive
Alan Friel
, Special Counsel,
KMZ Rosenman
Aaron Radin
, VP Advertising Sales & Marketing, GoldPocket Interactive
Greg Stuart
, CEO, Interactive Ad Bureau
Alan Ives
, Regional Sales Director, MSN
Rudy Grahn, Senior Analyst, Jupiter Media
Orang Dialemeh
- President, Eyematic

David Baeza - Managing Director, BoBo Wireless
Steve Barth - Editor, Knowledge Management Magazine

Paul Carlander - Director, Corporate Strategic Finance, Qualcomm
Gerry Christensen - Director, Business Development,
Dr. Rajit Gadh - Professor & Director, Wireless Enterprise Lab, UCLA
Gary Gintsling - Senior Product Manager, Java Group, Sun Microsystems
Carl Gunell
President, Telemedia
Joe Jasin - Partner, Wireless Blueprint
Alex Lightman - CEO,
Charmed Technology

Victor H. Sim - Of Counsel, Business and Technology, Brobeck
Kelly Porter - Managing General Partner,
ZAP Ventures
Eric Pulier - CEO,
Digital Evolution
Dr. Omar El Sawy - Director, Center for Telecom Management
Richard Siber - Partner, Communications & High Tech, Accenture
Paul Sherman, Co-Founder & Editor, Potomac Tech Wire
Alice Taylor - Director of Advanced Programs, Boeing
Michael Watson - Vice President, Zoop International, Harex InfoTech
Ravin Agrawal -Partner EastWest Ventures
Bryan Biniak - EVP, Business Dev., Moviso
Kevin MacLellan -
SVP, Intl, E! Networks
Mark Kapczynski - Principal,
Media & Entertainment Group, Microsoft
Dr. George T. Geis -
Professor, Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA
James Hsu -
Jones Day

Mark Kapczynski -
Principal, Media & Entertainment Solutions Group, Microsoft
David Nathanson -
VP,Broadband & Channel Development, Fox Cable Networks Group
Steve Hoffman - CEO, Spiderdance
Ken Rutkowski - CEO,
Scott Newmam - Chairman, President & CEO, Goldpocket Interactive
Stephen Condon-
SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Intertainer
Ned Sherman
- CEO, Digital Media Wire
Ben Mendelson -
President, ITA
John Canning -
Technical Evangelist, Microsoft eHome

                 © 2000-2003, Digital Media Wire Inc. All Rights Reserved.

























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